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Aug 27

Come out and join Paul’s Posse! Walk for a cure for Cancer!

Posted on Monday, August 27, 2012 in Thoughts, Uncategorized

What is “Paul’s Posse” and why should you care?  Come on – look a that face!

The first part to that question is easy and I will describe below.  The second part just needs a little hought and in today’s world, probably just some minor soul searching. I think ALL of someone close to us that has been fighting cancer and struggling, fighting and winning, or have fought the good fight, but ended up losing the battle. Cancer is all around us and affects all of us.

First off, let me give you a quick story about my buddy Paul, right from his own mouth. This was written a just after his diagnosis and gives you the reason for Paul’s Posse and some reasons why supporting this cancer, or any cancers, is important.

Take a read and maybe we can all stop cancer!

This is from Paul:

“Hi Guys , as many of you know I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma  on June 6, 2012, plus they found a tumour in my L5 Vertebrae. My prognosis is very good in terms of being in total remission by the end of this year ! My first Cycle of Chemo has done a great job in reducing  the Myeloma cancer cells ,the combination of drug therapies is getting better by the day,week,month , and this all from the donations made by the public used  to find new drugs and correct therapies that have the maximum effect with minimal side effects

The monies go to  Myeloma Leukemia research, from my first hand experience the  donations have literally saved my life , I hope you guys feel comfortable sending out to your contacts , and  also  to give a donation  .Our goal this year is $20,000.00 ,with a short time period it will be interesting if we hit it.

Thank you in  advance for any support you can give to “Paul’s Posse “

Attached is how people can donate and the tax receipt they get almost instantly via e- mail. We are gearing up for the 2nd Annual fundraiser called “Stroll for a Cure” on Sunday, September 23rd. This 5k walk around Town Center Park in beautiful Coquitlam, BC, benefits multiple myeloma research at the Haematology Research and Clinical Trials Unit directly at Vancouver General Hospital.One of Canada’s leading experts in the world of multiple myeloma, Dr. Song, is a member of the BC Cancer Agency team here in Vancouver.

Given the research in the treatment of multiple myeloma is just starting to scratch the surface and is rapidly progressing every day, we need to do all that we can to continue the momentum to work toward finding a cure!We were shocked to discover recently that this is the ONLY fundraising event held in our province of British Columbia, that directly supports multiple myeloma research. We are also thrilled to share that all donations raised at “Stroll for a Cure” will go directly to the Haematology Research & Clinical Trials Unit at VGH for multiple myeloma research.  So, what does this all mean you ask? This means, we have a first hand opportunity to directly support the amazing, talented and passionate team at VGH to make miracles happen by discovering a cure for multiple myeloma!

Therefore, we are inviting you to join, roll and stroll with “Paul’s Posse” on Sunday, September 23rd. Our personal goal for “Paul’s Posse” is to raise $20,000!

Thanks, Paul

Event Details;

“Stroll for a Cure” Details:Who: Everyone!!! Please invite and share with family, colleagues, old friends, new friends… EVERYONE! Larger the Posse = More Love = More Support = Greater PossibilitiesWhat: 5K walk around Coquitlam Town Center Park – Coquitlam, BCWhen: Sunday, September, 23rd @ 10amWhere: Coquitlam Town Center Park – Coquitlam, BCWhy: To support research and advancements in the treatment of multiple myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow)

How to “Stroll & Roll with Paul’s Posse”:

1. ANY and ALL donations are greatly appreciated. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

2. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $25 or more upon request.

3. If you would like to contribute, please visit to make a secure payment via credit card on the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation website.

. Be ready to roll & stroll with Paul’s Posse on Sunday, September 23rd at Coquitlam Town Center Park @ 10am! (If you cannot be rolling with us in person, we will definitely be feeling you in our hearts!)

To find out more about the organization hosting this event – Myeloma Vancouver – please visit We are looking forward to partnering with you all to making multiple myeloma a disease of the past!

Thank you.

I hope that you can dig deep and help out by either coming out or by supporting the cause. If you are uncomfortable donating online, you can donate through me. Just email me and let’s see if we can make something work.

See you on the 23rd!

Ciao for now @kootenayborn

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