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Jun 23

Free Wifi and Trade Shows in 2012, What’s the Disconnect?!?!

Posted on Saturday, June 23, 2012 in Social Media Thoughts and Strategies

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This post is going to be a rant. It will be a short rant, but make no mistake, it will be a rant.

I can not believe how many shows and events that I attend in the States that DO NOT have free wifi! It’s 2012 people, seriously, get with it!

The shows that I attend are all industry shows. The shows are loaded with retail buyers, retail vendors and just a multitude of people who just need to be connected, and yet, “if” you can get connectivity, “if” you can get connectivity, most of those times you will not be able to connect unless you want to buck up. And it ain’t cheap! Come on!

How hard would it be to give free wifi!

Now, I realize this may be a “Canadian specific” rant, for when we travel to the States, we are roaming and long distance charges will apply, so free wifi maybe only a cool thing for us Canadians. I know that Americans have way better plans than we do and it may not be any less economical to surf and check mail without wifi. I don’t know.

What I do know is that it is expensive for us!   What I do know is that I really don’t care. Allow people access, and allow it for free. We (the collective we of retailers and vendors) are spending a tonne of money to get to these shows and to support them. You would think that someone could and would figure out a way to get us this commodity for free, and not nickel and dime us to death.

I have recently started to book hotels based on wifi availability or lack there of. I am seriously going to start booking my shows the same because if I can not be productive at these shows, and wifi makes me very productive, then I might as well stay home.

So if you want this effervescent personality at these shows, get me my free wifi! :-)

This posting will be delayed slightly as I have to get back to my hotel room to post; no wifi at the show…

Ciao for now @kootenayborn

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