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Apr 15

Start your morning right with Jordans and London Drugs!

Posted on Sunday, April 15, 2012 in London Drugs, Product Reviews or Commentary

I have not written a post in a bit that talked about a product that I really do enjoy.

Today I write about Jordans Bursting with Nuts; and I enjoy it every single time I have it!

The picture below is the almost perfect morning for me.  A great cup of coffee ( of course from London Drugs! ) and a bowl of cereal. The perfect bowl of cereal for me ( yes I do love others as well, but this is seriously one of, if not my most favourite cereal ) is Jordans Bursting with Nuts!!  This cereal is just awesome.  It is 100% natural and loaded ( and I mean loaded ) with nuts!! There are hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, pecans and almonds in the box and they are combined with light granola like clusters of yum!!

Trust me when I say that a good cup of coffee and a great bowl of cereal like this can just start your day wonderfully.  Every spoonful is just heavenly!

A little bit about Jordans (taken from their webpage of course);

Jordans Cereals family mill, Holme Mills, is on the River Ivel near the market town of Biggleswade in Bedfordshire and has been home to Jordans since 1855. 

This is a family company that is being run today by the Great Great Grandchild of founder Mr. W. Jordan.

They  are committed to the farmers from whom we buy all their Conservation Grade and organic cereal grains. 

Bottom line – it’s just good food!!

Give it a try and let us know what you think!  I am soooooo sure that you will love it!!

For a little drug store, you might be surprised at how much Jordans we do carry.  They make a great cereal!

Check it out here… London Drugs and Jordans!

Ciao for now @kootenayborn

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